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In an interview that aired Wednesday on C-SPAN, Sen. Bernie Sanders admitted, perhaps to himself, that his campaign was nearing its end.


“It doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee, so I’m not going to determine the scope of the convention,” he said when host Steve Scully asked whether he would speak at the Democratic National Convention. “I’ve given a few speeches in my life. It would be nice to speak at the Democratic National Convention. If for whatever reason they don’t want me to speak, then whatever. But I do think I’ll speak at the convention.”

He also said his campaign had been pressuring Clinton’s to take on more progressive policies “on campaign finance reform, on health care, on education—especially higher education—on the economy, on the minimum wage.”


“She has clearly had to fight her way through a lot of sexism and unfair attacks over the years, which are based on sexism. But we have disagreements.”

Watch the full interview here.

Screenshot via C-SPAN.

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