Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Projected To Win New Hampshire Primary

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As expected, Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary. Sanders, who went into the primary well ahead of Hillary Clinton, is now turning his attention to future primaries. A Sanders’ aide told CNN that the New Hampshire win has national implications for the candidate who plans to begin targeting more states past South Carolina.


Via CNN:

In particular, they will start spending money on ads in Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Oklahoma — and believe that they can blow through the March 1 “firewall” that many people have suggested the Clinton campaign has erected. The source also noted that the Sanders campaign has staff on the ground in every March 1 Super Tuesday state and emphasized that a majority of the caucuses on the Democratic nomination calendar occur in March. Caucuses are believed to be better for Sanders as these contests are driven by grassroots enthusiasm.

How Sanders will fare on Super Tuesday seems to be of central concern both to pundits and campaign alike. As ABC’s Rick Klein pointed out on Twitter, preliminary exit polls showed an extreme divide in New Hampshire’s primary voters (voter who, as many have pointed out, are not necessarily representative of the rest of America):

Klein also noted that it looks like Sanders won women:


As Sanders announced his victory on Twitter, Donald Trump was projected to be the winner of the Republican primary. Trump’s supporters seemed enthused:


The New York Times currently has John Kasich running in a distant second while Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are nearly tied for third place.

Update: It looks like John Kasich is tonight’s second place winner.

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