Benjamin Netanyahu Seen 'Running Around' at Interactive Play Sleep No More

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Imagine: You are at Sleep No More, an interactive horror play that Vulture has called “freakily immersive.” Beside you is a man with expensive-looking white hair, an Israeli accent, and a security detail. It is Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, and he is just here to let loose!


After he was reportedly booed at a Hamilton performance, according to Page Six, the far right-wing, speech-suppressing, silver-tongued demagogue “reveled in anonymity” at Sleep No More, where attendees are masked. Adele was also reportedly there.

“Netanyahu was seen running around ‘Sleep No More’ with a frantic energy,” said an exuberant theater spy, who added that the Israeli leader was “diverting his security detail as he got caught up in the show . . . and becoming an anonymous audience member behind the [show’s] signature mask.”

He was later “found by his guards at the rooftop bar Gallow Green late in the evening,” the source said.


Netanyahu was in town following a $38 billion aide deal from the United States, the largest of its kind, signaling the United States’ continued commitment to Israeli interests in spite of the state’s eroding interest in democracy; the Obama administration recently chastised the Prime Minister for referring to Palestinian demands for the abandonment of illegal Israeli settlements as “ethnic cleansing.”

During his visit, Netanyahu met with both Clinton and Trump (who went ahead and declared Jerusalem Israel’s capital, against longtime U.S. policy). Blatantly favoring Romney over Obama didn’t work so well for Bibi in 2012, and following these meetings, he declared that either would work out just fine for him:

What a fun trip!

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Sleep No More is pretty cool. The play itself is nonsense but the atmosphere is unlike anything I’ve experienced before or sense. I look for other immersive plays because of the experience (And Then She Fell was also neat). Does anybody have suggestions of other immersive fun things to do?