Barbara Bush Endorses Jeb! in Campaign Video: He 'Seems to Be the One...'

After hanging back for a while and weighing the other presidential candidates, deeply considering their perspectives and who would be right for this country, Barbara Bush has decided to endorse her son Jeb! Bush for President of the United States in a new Jeb! campaign video.


Here’s why: “Jeb has been a very good father, a wonderful son, hard worker. His heart is big,” she says.

In endorsing Jeb!, Babs also managed to get in a subliminal dig at Titicaca water frog Donald Trump. “When push comes to shove, people are going to realize Jeb has real solutions, rather than talking about how popular they are or how great they are,” she says.


The former First Lady adds that Jeb! is running for purely altruistic purposes. “He’s doing it because he sees a huge need and it’s not being filled by anybody,” she says. “Of all the people running, he seems to be the one who could solve the problems. I think he’ll be a great president.”

“He seems to be.” “I think.” Sounds like her mind could easily be swayed.

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Out of all 4 of my sons he’s one of them.