Back to the Future Writer Pursuing Legal Action Against Carly Fiorina PAC for Campaign Video

Illustration for article titled iBack to the Future /iWriter Pursuing Legal Action Against Carly Fiorina PAC for Campaign Video

Carly for America, a PAC raising money for Republican presidential candidate and cartoonish lady villain Carly Fiorina, has evidently decided it would be totally okie-dokey to publish a pro-Fiorina reimagining of Back to the Future without permission from the film’s creators.


The video, published to—a website set up by Carly for America on Wednesday, the date Michael J. Fox travels forward to in the film—has an actor saying things like “It’s 2020 and government is everywhere encroaching on our lives from all directions” and running from a “government drone.”

“I sent the info to Universal’s legal dept with instructions to send them a C&D [cease and desist] letter,” Bob Gale, who co-wrote and produced the film series, told The Daily Beast. “It’s our position that the BTTF characters and IP should NEVER be associated with ANY politician, ANY campaign or ANY political issue.”


Republicans: American pop culture wants nothing to do with them, but they just keep trying!

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