Esther Wang
Senior reporter, Jezebel
Jun 29

Sorry, can’t take a comment about doing “more research” seriously when you clearly did not read my entire piece, lol!

Mar 4 2020

I loved this! Although this - “Now that Trump is president, anyone can be president, including you” seemed like a low key slam on you. 

Jun 25 2019

Oh, my. So he and one of his conquests came to my place of business. He was charming and handsome and bought her a pretty sleepwear set among other things. Then he half-jokingly asked an associate nearby to join them for a threesome. She politely declined. The next day the conquest came in alone to return everything Read more

Jun 18 2019

I’m a high school teacher in Toronto and the vaping is pretty out of control in my school. While I absolutely don’t condone testing students, we are struggling with how best to convey that vaping indoors is inappropriate and bad for their health. It’s worrying to me that smoking was becoming a non-issue in schools Read more

Mar 13 2019

The same holds true for female staffers working at VA clinics and hospitals. I’m friends with about a half dozen women who work at my local VA, and the harassment from the servicemen using the clinic is pretty common. Read more

Feb 13 2019

I nominate this dog for the ‘most likely to cheer up an old curmudgeon’ award. 

Jan 8 2019

What’s with hating on dogs so much, Esther? Dogs are noble creatures and have lived beside humans for nearly as long as goats, fulfilling all sorts of needs that most certainly do not include fetching cans of Diet Coke. The living hate-filled mannequin serving the President should not be compared to our canine Read more

Sep 24 2018

I saw one of the activists who was detained, and she told me that she got laser surgery for her eyes afterward, because she’s preparing for it, she says, if she’s ever detained again, she’ll be in a better position if they confiscate her eyeglasses. Read more

Sep 21 2018

It’s an even more apt metaphor considering that dicks in the wilderness are basically graffiti, and that as these men are wandering out in the metaphorical wilderness (which, lol), still all they can see is the perceived value of their outsized, exaggerated presence and not the actual blight on the landscape that it is Read more

Aug 21 2018

Fun fact: during WWII the US and Britain set up a secure radio circuit between the White House and the bunker in London from which Churchill prosecuted the war. Churchill had a private telephone booth built outside his office.

Aug 17 2018

Hey Esther, if you are losing your hair don’t fuck around with biotin-infused hoo-hah. Use the 5% Minoxidil (Rogaine or drugstore generic equivalent). Start using that shit now. Speaking from experience, there is literally no upside to waffling and trying non-minoxidil alternatives. Just go straight to Minoxidil and Read more

Jul 24 2018

And yet, Lily James is no Agnetha Faltskog or Frida Lyngstad. Only when you hear these songs performed by a merely serviceable, anodyne voice like James' do you realize how great those ladies were.

Jul 20 2018

I can’t say much for confidentiality reasons but I’m currently volunteering to help with some of the separated families and the whole thing is fucking sickening. A grown man burst into tears in front of me when he told me had to lie to his son to get him to go peacefully when they were being separated. Some of the Read more

Jul 19 2018

We’ve done this at my office for people that were on extended medical leave. It’s not a solution to the problem of no mandatory paid maternity or medical leave, but it sure helped those that got some extra PTO when they were already facing a mountain of medical bills.