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Jul 17 2017

Dier, too, is priced at a nearly unbelievable level—£60 million reportedly—but Spurs also don’t desperately need him like they do Kane or Dele. The versatile, defensive-minded Dier is part of both a talented midfield that includes Victor Wanyama, Moussa Dembélé, and promising youngster Harry Winks, as well as a Read more

Apr 22 2017

This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that Spurs and Chelsea have six games left in the Premier League season, not seven, and that I am a dumb idiot.

Jan 27 2017

Yeah, I’ve been talking to the author of that piece and some of the subjects. There’s some spooky shit going on imo.

Jan 21 2017

This is Ginny from Pittsburgh. She worked in a steel mill for five years before taking maternity leave. “In the meantime, they shut it down. Couldn’t keep it open for me,” she said. “That was under Reagan, by the way.”

Jan 21 2017

Not to be overdetermined about it but it’s pretty funny that a low fog has cut off the top/tip of the Washington Monument on the day of the Women’s March.