Ashley Reese
Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.
Apr 13

That part. The fact that he used real money is great and all (bar is in hell, I guess), but imagine getting thrown several extra bills that look likes $100s and $50s only to realize it’s fake. A lot of these women have been under employed for the last year. This is just really scummy!

Apr 13

If I was one of those dancers I sure as hell wouldn’t want to go to see him perform after that!

Apr 13

Incredibly tacky. This man is a multi-millionaire. These women do not need an ad for his Vegas residency, they need money LOL.

Apr 13

Okay, it looks like the quote was accurate but the rest of the piece is still goofy. Nobody is going to be cool with receiving fake money on the job!

Apr 13

TMZ is now claiming that this is no big deal, actually, because Usher also paid in real cash. Regardless, throwing a bunch of fake hundred dollar bills at women who have been underemployed for the last year is cruel, even if real money is interspersed. They also misquoted @beel0ved.

Apr 8

True, but it comes with a big ol’ tripod and he got money! Either way, he needs to do somethin, this is triflin. 

Apr 7

I got the second doze of Pfizer a few weeks ago and I definitely felt icky about 10-12 hours later. I slept it off and took pain killer and it was gone by the following afternoon, but I have a friend who was OUT for like, 3 days. Crazy how different it effects people.

Mar 30

p.s. If I see anyone wearing WBS gear, I have to assume they are Nazi Skinheads or Proud Boys (same thing). Read more

Mar 25

Yeah at the end of the day I just hope all those Black kids are okay.