Aubrey O'Day's Donald Trump Jr.-Themed New Year's Eve Party Turned Into a Mess

You know how Aubrey O’Day was supposed to host a birthday party for reported ex Donald Trump Jr. on New Year’s Eve, at the behest of Larry Flynt, who hates President Trump’s guts? Well, it happened, but not according to plan.


TMZ reports that O’Day was kicked out of the club after refusing to sing “Happy Birthday” to 41-year-old Trump, but O’Day says that singing Happy Birthday was not in her contract.

People at Flynt’s Hustler Club—where O’Day performed a few of bangers, including Danity Kane classique “Show Stopper”—told TMZ that O’Day “threw a fit” when a cake for Trump was rolled out. A physical altercation ensued between one of O’Day’s assistants and a cocktail server before the crew was kicked out.

You can watch a supercut of O’Day’s night below, including the moment security guards screamed “out!” at O’Day and her entourage:

I get the impression that we’re not getting the full story here. But frankly, it was enough for O’Day to agree to clown her former fling on his birthday.

By the way, as all of this was happening, Donald Trump Jr. was busy looking incredibly orange and celebrating his birthday at Mar-a-lago with his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.


Trump Jr. looks ready to have a very jaundiced 2019!

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Tom Beef'O'Brady

Does anyone else get the feeling that Lil’ Donny just basically ignores his old family and 5(!) kids at this point - and they are completely fine with that?