Assholes Who Lined Up to Have Dinner With Brett Kavanaugh Heard Christine Blasey Ford's Testimony Again

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Whatever kind of people who would attend a gala thrown by The Federalist Society were treated to a massive screen projecting the Senate testimony of Christine Blasey Ford while they waited to get inside The Federalist Society’s memorial dinner for Antonin Scalia on Thursday night. HuffPost reporter Jennifer Bendery said the research psychology and professor’s testimony was “playing on repeat.”

CPD Action, the advocacy and action arm of the organization Popular Democracy, and Demand Justice ran Ford’s testimony in front of the Union Station entrance line. Protesters also handed out flyers that looked like programs for the conservative judiciary organization’s event, but instead the flyers promoted impeaching Kavanaugh. Demand Justice also flew black balloons with the banner “KAVANAUGH LIED,” Bendery reported.


Kavanaugh’s speech was also interrupted by a protester who was blowing a rape whistle and shouting “We believe Christine Ford! We believe survivors!”

Despite his co-workers attempts to smooth over Kavanaugh’s — to put this mildly and quickly — utterly contemptuous Senate confirmation process, protesters are not letting up. Despite protesters on Thursday mentioning Anita Hill, whose testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the 1990s set the stage for Ford’s, Kavanaugh is experiencing a protest wave that Justice Clarence Thomas never saw.

Frankly, it’s almost enough to make people forget that Neil Gorsuch was also confirmed, and Merrick Garland was not.

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This is really the least of what he deserves.