Are You a #DemocraticWhore?

During a 27,000-person Bernie Sanders rally in Manhattan on Wednesday evening, health care activist Dr. Paul Song made a lil booboo when he criticized “corporate Democratic whores.”

He has since realized (or had it screamed at him) that the vulture-like press would point out that he was probably only referring to one Democratic whore in particular, so he walked it back hours later.


The Clinton campaign’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri condemned the phrase on Twitter and called for Sanders to apologize.

Which he did:


But the apology couldn’t stop the development of an okay hashtag aching to go viral: #DemocraticWhore.

Do you hear that? That’s the low hum of the one-to-three on the news cycle political scandal machine functioning correctly. Everyone can take a deep breath. Make a snack, talk to your child.


Now, to the question that I actually care about: are you a #DemocraticWhore, a.k.a. someone who fucks liberally and indiscriminately?


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