Both the Democratic and Republican national conventions this year promise to be circuses, although the RNC will be particularly wild, what with gelatinous bile-mass Donald Trump prepared to engulf the Republican party. Now the anti-abortion crowd is joining the fun, with a group called Created Equal hiring a plane to drag an image of what they say is an aborted fetus over both conventions.

A conservative Christian news site called The Stream reports that the anti-abortion group Created Equal is taking their message to the skies, with a 50 by 100 foot banner. The aim is to call the Democrats baby-killers, and to encourage the Republicans to add defunding Planned Parenthood to their national platform. I will let you in on a secret: they already support defunding Planned Parenthood. They have voted to do so many, many times.


Created Equal, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, likes using images of what they claim are aborted fetuses in public places. In 2014, they were outraged when the city of San Antonio declined to let them show an abortion procedure on a Jumbotron near the Alamo. They’re dubbing this publicity blitz “#theResistance,” using clips from Star Wars that I’m not sure they actually have the rights to use:

Most of the pressure is focused on the RNC, Created Equal’s national director told Stream, because he’s not sure Donald Trump is sufficiently hostile to abortion rights:

According to Created Equal National Director Mark Harrington, his group’s goal is to use the Republican National Convention to pressure congressional Republicans into defunding Planned Parenthood.

“The GOP voted for defunding Planned Parenthood before they voted against it,” Harrington told The Stream. “When push came to shove, they voted to [fund] Planned Parenthood in the last budget deal. Also, the presumptive nominee has been unclear, often saying, ‘Planned Parenthood does good things.’


The Republican party doesn’t need any encouragement in this arena, and all the prop planes on earth aren’t going to make Donald Trump more clear about what he believes about abortion.

Screenshot via YouTube/Created Equal Films