Angela Rye, the Only Good Political Commentator, Told Corey Lewandowski, 'Boy Bye' on Air

If you’ve watched cable news coverage of the election for even a fraction of the amount of time that I have over the past year, you’ve become unhinged by the endless parade of glassy-eyed campaign surrogates spouting off meaningless talking points, having conversations that all end in frustrating blue ball agreements to just let this issue lie. But not Angela Rye, the only good political commentator in the United States.

On Tuesday evening, Rye appeared on a CNN panel with Corey Lewandowski (a CNN employee), who argued that Barack Obama shouldn’t be participating in electoral politics while he was busy running the country. Rye reminded him that Trump had led the Birther movement and had suggested Obama was an affirmative action admittance to Harvard.

“Did he ever release his transcripts from Harvard?” Lewandowski asked, reigniting one of the stupidest debates of modern politics.


“By the way, tell me about those tax returns, while you’re at it,” Rye said.

“Well you raised the issue, I’m just asking,” said Lewandowski. “You raised the issue, did he ever release his transcripts or his admission to Harvard University? You raised the issue, so just ‘yes,’ or ‘no.’”

“Corey? Just a moment,” said Rye, getting ready for her line. “I’m going to Beyoncé you. Boy, bye. You just so out of line right now, tell your candidate to release his tax returns.”

Rye, who has made regular television appearances throughout the election, became a national hero when she enthusiastically rolled her eyes when a surrogate said Trump has done “great things in his private time.”


God bless Angela for being the voice of a nation.

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Even if he was an affirmative action admission all it would prove is that affirmative action kicks ass and is worth the investment, because we got Barack Freaking Obama out of it.