And Here's Ivanka Trump Pretending to Be Comfortable At an Outdoor Equipment Store

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Image: Instagram/@IvankaTrump

First Daughter Ivanka Trump is touring the Midwest, dutifully pushing her father’s propaganda of American prosperity and the so-called “Great American Comeback” alongside Vice President Mike Pence. The favored Trump daughter visited a manufacturing plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and the remnants of a black hair salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that caught on fire during the George Floyd protests late May. But she took a moment out of her campaigning to really embrace what normie Americana looks like: hitting up an outdoor-gear store and buying random shit.

Trump visited Fleet Farm, a retail chain specializing in outdoor equipment, hardware, and hunting gear. Think Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s. Now think about Ivanka Trump stepping foot into this type of place wearing nude pumps and pretending she’s at home there. Has she forgotten that pretending not to be the silver spoon offspring of an alleged billionaire is her brother Don Jr’s schtick?

Image: Instagram/@IvankaTrump

But wait, it gets better: let’s take a look at what Ivanka picked up at the store: A Baby Yoda toy and what appears to be a bag full of Red Vines. “Two of my favorite things,” she captioned on her Instagram story.

Image: Instagram/@IvankaTrump

Hm, perhaps Ivanka Trump should steer clear of the Star Wars references. Does she want to get dragged by Mark Hamill again?

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Notice how empty its around her?

They got the plebs walled off a block down so the ‘dirty’ doesn’t get near Snow White here.