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Amy Klobuchar, riding high on the Klobmentum that Klobucharged her campaign up to third place in the New Hampshire primary, met with Culinary Union members in Las Vegas on Tuesday, just a few days ahead of the Nevada caucus. Things got a little weird.

“My name is Amy, but when I was in fourth grade Spanish they gave me the name Elena,” Klobuchar told the crowd, according to The Intercept’s Aída Chávez. Well, OK!


There’s a clip:

The Culinary Union represents 60,000 hospitality workers in Nevada, including casino workers, hotel housekeepers, bartenders, cooks, bellmen, and food servers. It’s also the state’s largest immigrant organization, according to its website, and about 54 percent of its members identify as Latinx. I imagine Klobuchar’s “Elena” story was an effort on her part to relate, but it seems, uh, a tad misguided!

Let’s check in with the other woman running for president:


Oh boy.

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