America's Still Breaking Horrifying New Covid Records Every Day

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To paraphrase the ledes of at least four different covid-related blogs I’ve written over the past six months, the coronavirus pandemic is still very bad and only getting worse.

The United States cleared 12 million cases on Saturday, with Johns Hopkins University clocking 12,019,960 covid-19 infections total, CNN reports. If you thought that number wasn’t staggering enough already, the outlet notes that 2.8 million of those infections—i.e., nearly one-quarter of them—were reported in November alone.

Friday saw the greatest number of new cases reported in a single day, according to CNN, with 195,500. Unlike previous waves of the pandemic that remained localized in specific regions of the country (New York, Florida, Texas, California…), the case surge is occurring in nearly every state.


Hospitalizations are similarly rising, as are deaths. We’re currently averaging about 1,300 covid-related deaths per day, according to the Associated Press, with more than 10,000 deaths reported in the past week alone, per CNN. More than 250,000 Americans have died of the virus at press time.

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The Thugnificent Pangaean

The COVID-19 Virus is like a bad horror movie; it’s a super scary virus that infected the entire GOP and killed the one black guy.