On Friday morning, man perpetually waking up from a five-hour nap Ben Carson endorsed former rival Donald Trump. The endorsement took place at a Trump-owned country club in Florida. Heartwarming! And also, while we’re here, a very good time to look back on all the nice things Donald Trump has said about his newest backer.

The Washington Post reports that Carson endorsed Trump by calling him thoughtful and “cerebral,” forcing us to consider anew that this is a man who has performed brain surgery on children. Trump said, without elaboration, that Carson will play a “big, big part” in the campaign. Carson also recently took a new job with My Faith Votes, where he’ll try to convince good Christians to vote for people like his good friend Donald Trump.


A source told CNN that Carson and Trump have houses near one another in West Palm Beach and “know each other well.” (Here’s a vaguely alarming picture of them from 2013 holding some random person’s children).

But their relationship has undergone some interesting transitions, a certain waxing and waning of affection, according to Trump’s dizzying Twitter feed:

A hearty congratulations to these two special friends and their confused plans to make America... whatever it is they have in mind.

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