All of Ted Cruz's 'Friends' Ignored Him At Dinner

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On Thursday evening, while Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders wore away at each other and the nation with an aural nail file, Republican candidates attended a gala with 800 of their closest donors.


But Ted Cruz, who has become known for his rumored history of serial murder and his factual dislike for New York, was that poor, extra member of the dinner party who has to sit at that extra chair with no one across for him. But he still talked long like someone was listening.

“I haven’t built any buildings in New York City,” he said, reportedly waiting for a trickle of laughter that never came, “but I have spent my entire life fighting to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

NBC News reporter Vaughn Hillyard noted that the most applause Cruz ever got was from a handful of two dozen (or fewer) people.


“I mean, [Cruz] blew it when he did the New York Values thing—that was a bad point,” said Ron Shindel, NYPD commanding officer at the World Trade Center who was at the $1000 per plate dinner to NBC News. “But this is Trumpville—this is Trump town. I imagined the overwhelming support of Trump.”

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

Look at him up there in his stupidly ill-fitting tuxedo. He looks like Danny DeVito in “Batman Returns” when The Penguin was running for Mayor.

I can see him biting off some poor staffer’s nose backstage after that bomb of a speech.