If you need an expert on woman stuff, honestly look no further than elderly conservative men. They know all about your pantyhose, your eye rouge, your monthly rage, and most importantly, whether or not you will vote for Donald Trump. (Answer: who can say?)


Yesterday, Happening Now host Gregg Jarrett interviewed former Bill Clinton advisor Douglas Schoen and conservative columnist Cal Thomas about what they think women think. The question: has Trump’s rhetoric cost him among women? The proof: a poll that doesn’t add up to 100.

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“Women care about basically the same things men care about—health care, the economy and the rest,” Thomas blustered, when questioned as to whether Trump’s “verbal attacks on women have cost him among women.”

Women are cool just like men, yes, thank you Cal! Like many of his liberal counterparts, Thomas protested the idea of “women’s issues,” but not because that designation marginalizes and sidelines issues like childcare, the wage gap, and women’s health that disproportionately affect women (and, subsequently, everyone). Nah. Thomas codes his desperate desire for women to not vote in a bloc as a breezy, modern revelation that we are all basically the same, y’all!

It would be brilliant, if it wasn’t very, very dumb.

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