Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, like a lily fading to brown with the September breeze, finished with about 1 percent of the vote in last night’s Republican caucuses. That number does not include one of his own staffers, who didn’t really see the point in voting for him.

MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes caught a magical moment on camera Monday evening, in which a giggly precinct captain in a Rick Santorum sweater vest showed host Chris Hayes the X next to Santorum’s name, indicating zero votes at that caucus.

“What, you didn’t vote for him?” Hayes asked.

“I, uh, as I was writing down [his name], my pen ran out of ink,” he responded. “I was like, I can’t just ask somebody for a new pen while I’m doing this!”


“Buddy, you’re the Santorum dude!” Hayes laughed.

“I know,” the Santorum dude responded, turning puce. “Failure to launch!”


Santorum, a rubbery faux evangelical who was once a vaguely threatening presidential contender—he won the 2012 Iowa caucuses, and once said that the country was “falling apart” because “single mothers are breeding more criminals”—is now reassessing his campaign, according to the Des Moines Register.


“We are going to spend a couple of days just thinking and praying, and figure out what we are going to do, and we will make a decision,” Santorum told the Register, after addressing about 30 supporters in an Iowa Hilton.

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