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Earlier today, in a vile show of hackery, I quoted Blake Shelton’s own words to point out that he has nice things to say about Donald Trump. That was wrong to do, especially when Blake Shelton is passionate about only two things: Gwen Stefani, his very real romantic partner, and the usually sterling work of the website Gossip Cop.

Shelton returned fire on Twitter, pointing out correctly that the media and Hollywood are crazy, spinning his words around, and making it sound like he has “enforced” someone when he merely strongly hinted at his political leanings in a way that he probably didn’t intend to be quite so nakedly obvious.

His fans assure him that he is wonderful and the media is bad, which is also correct.

Instead, read all the news, a sentiment I can also strongly endorse. I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about endorsements right now.

Crazy that the media is out here, hatefully quoting Blake Shelton in a way that he doesn’t enjoy!!

This has been an important update on Blake Shelton, Donald Trump, Gossip Cop, the media, the election cycle and my own human failings.