A Short Story About Paul Ryan Not Recognizing His Co-Worker of Three Years

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Would you believe Donald Trump supporter and captive Paul Ryan, who would like to defund everything but the military and erect in its stead a large gym for him to shoot fitness photographs inside of, could run into a female colleague of three years, discuss work with her, and have no clue who she was? Believe it or not, he did.

Last winter, the Sentinel & Enterprise reports, Ryan was at a D.C. airport when he ran into a colleague who happened to be wearing her Congressional pin, a little badge meant to help congressmen to recognize other congressmen.

The colleague—Rep. Katherine Clark, a Democrat from Massachusetts—also introduced herself to Ryan as “Katherine Clark from Massachusetts.”

After discussion of Clark’s plans to campaign in New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton and Ryan’s attempts to steer her toward the Republican side, Ryan asked, “So Katherine, what do you do?”

Clark, who has since become one of Ryan’s more high-profile critics, told the House speaker she was a member of Congress, leading to an “awkward conversation” where he said he had not noticed the pin she wore identifying herself as a congresswoman.


Ryan, Clark told reporters at a New England Council breakfast Monday, got mad at an aide, who was suitably nonplussed.

“He really just sort of started sputtering, and he said to his staff member who was standing there, ‘Did you know she was in Congress?’ And she said, ‘Well, I saw her pin.’”

Still, karma’s a bitch—I guarantee he’s been on the other side of this conversation at least once with Donald Trump this year.

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Snake Person

to be fair though there are 435 members and they deal mainly with their partisan caucuses and state/regional delegations. (it should be otherwise, but this is what division hath wrought)

it’s embarrassing, but the staffer should have been better prepared. not surprised at all.