A recent poll suggests that some Americans like Clinton, some like Trump, and some like the idea of a giant ball of dust and ice destroying us all where we stand. As the kids say: Me af.

This important data point comes to us from the reliably delightful folks at Public Policy Polling, as covered Wednesday night on Rachel Maddow’s show. The full poll will be out Thursday, but PPP says Clinton has a slight lead over Trump and a giant meteor destroying the Earth has a respectable 13 percent.

The meteor did better than Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and just a little better than past fan favorite Deez Nuts.


The poll, according to Maddow, also found that Clinton was leading Trump in five out of six swing states, with only Arizona leading Trump-wards. (The others are Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio).


But what’s way more interesting is that a full seven percent of those polled are just not sure whether they prefer Trump, Clinton or a giant meteor. Just really torn on that one.

Here’s the full Maddow segment:


Screenshot via MSNBC