A Hat Tip to the Woman Who Is Making Paper Maché Cow Heads to Mock Her Governor Husband

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What an odd life it must be to be married to a governor, especially when you have a such a healthy skepticism of politics and flair for the arts.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, 60, has decorated his office with his wife’s artwork, which calls out the frivolity of politics. The work was 31-year-old Katie Hunt’s senior honors thesis at Mount Holyoke College, according to the Associated Press. They depict the governor as a peacock holding a gun (he is a well-known hunter), and the Vermont press corps as “judgmental cows,” which honestly feels perhaps overly incisive and rude as hell.

The cows carry notebooks which have real observations like “too young,” and “too reserved”—criticisms Hunt herself received from the press for the age difference of the couple.


“My work is meant to serve as a satirical look at everything in current life, including myself, my husband, the press, and others,” Hunt said in a statement on Tuesday. “Having my work displayed in the State House adds to the message of satire that I was hoping to achieve. I’m glad people have taken an interest in the work.”

The sculptures were put in on Monday and will stay there through June 20.

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I’m sorry. I try to not be judgemental about people’s life choices, but dating/marrying someone half your age? Skeevy.

What do you have in common?? How is it not creepy to sexualize someone so much younger?

I can’t really care about the art. I’m too disturbed about what this says about societal values of women.