5 Major Things to Watch Out for in the Third Democratic Debate

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On Thursday night, ten of the top-polling Democratic presidential candidates will once again take the stage—this time in Houston. The debate has been eagerly anticipated as the first time that a surging Elizabeth Warren will go head-to-head with Joe Biden, who is clearly scared of her. I personally am very excited to watch Warren and Bernie Sanders destroy Biden, tag-team style.


But what are the truly important things to watch out for? Here is Jezebel’s helpful guide.

What will Joe Biden’s eyeball do this time?

During CNN’s recent climate change town hall, Biden’s eyeball mysteriously filled up with blood. What will happen on Thursday night? We’ll be keeping an eye (haha) on it.

Will Andrew Yang come out wearing a gold chain and sandals and then crowdsurf? (Or will he just keep polling at 3 percent instead?)

On Wednesday, reporter Sam Stein shared that Andrew Yang’s campaign manager called to tell him that during Thursday’s debate, Yang will do “something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history.”

What could this be? Yang, who recently crowdsurfed at a campaign event—something that Jezebel’s own Ashley Reese predicted would happen—has been dropping some not-so-cryptic hints on his Twitter account all week:


How will Beto O’Rourke attempt to revive his flaccid campaign?

Perhaps a clue:


Will Amy Klobuchar tell this joke?


Can Marianne Williamson somehow manifest herself onto the stage despite not qualifying for the debate?

Enough said.

Will you be watching tonight’s debate?

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Beto, as a fellow Texan, if you want to get everyone on board the B-Train to the White House, you need to throw some double bass in there. Fuckin’ bust out some Neil Peart, Danny Carey, Travis Barker, or that one pale kid from that movie about jazz drumming.