Trump Might Not Be Conceding The Election, But His (Former) Allies Know It's Over

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In the least surprising news of all time, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, choosing instead to attempt to use the courts to hold up (or change) the election results in a sad and desperate attempt to cling to some claim to victory—or at least to convince his supporters that the election was rigged.


But ever since the race was called on Saturday, rumors have been floating around that Trump’s former allies and supporters were distancing themselves from him. Here’s some of what Vanity Fair reports that Republicans, campaign advisors, and West Wing officials are saying about Trump’s chances to change the results of the race.

“It’s over.”

“You have to be realistic.”

“People are explaining options to the president in a way that opens the door to a conclusion. They’re telling him that it’s unlikely, but not impossible, to change the result.”

Ah, the smell of cowardice. Even after he’s clearly lost the election and ostensibly has more limited power over their careers, the people around Trump are still unwilling to stand up to him—instead, choosing to feed his ego just a little bit more.

“Trump is trying to keep the MAGA movement going. That gives him a lot of leverage,” one adviser said. “But what Trump is going to find out is that the minute he leaves the White House, he’ll be like a used car coming off the lot. His value will drop.”

You promise?

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The Ghost of James Madison's Rage Boner

As I keep saying, all you need to do is look at the relief they’re asking for in all these lawsuits.

The one in Arizona, if they win, could flip a maximum of 180 votes. That’s it. That’s what they’re fighting over. Their lawyer in the PA case today admitted in court that they had no actual evidence of fraud, just a lot of “irregularities.”

Every one of their cases is like this. Every single judge is looking at them like Are you fucking kidding me?  

For a story in tomorrow’s paper, the NYT called election officials in all 50 states to see if any of them had received credible reports of fraud. 49 0f them said no. The only state that didn’t respond, of course, was Texas, where fucking Dan Patrick announced a $1M reward fund for voter fraud, in a state where Trump won easily, and the Democrats lost seats. So maybe Biden flipped Texas after all?

Meanwhile, in South Dakota: