Saturday Night Social: Lisa Murkowski Eat Shit Challenge

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“Why should anyone put any stock into what any of these Republicans have to say?” wrote Jezebel staff writer Ashley Reese after Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins claimed that they did not support Trump’s effort to put Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court. “Why, after the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, would anyone believe that they are not going to follow their party’s leadership?”


Surprise! Ashley was right!

On Saturday, Murkowski announced that she will vote to confirm Barrett after all. “I believe that the only way to put us back on the path of appropriate consideration of judicial nominees is to evaluate Judge Barrett as we would want to be judged—on the merits of her qualifications,” said the Alaska Republican, CNN reports.And we do that when that final question comes before us. And when it does, I will be a yes.”

This is…quite the about-face! Murkowski had previously said that she did not support filling the seat left vacant on the Supreme Court by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s passing so soon before a presidential election. “For weeks, I have stated that I would not support taking up a potential Supreme Court vacancy this close to the election,” Murkowski said at the time. “Sadly, what was then a hypothetical is now our reality, but my position has not changed.”

What else is there to say except Lisa Murkowski…go to hell? Apologies to any woman reading this who just happens to be named Lisa Murkowski but are not planning to hand over a powerful lifetime appointment to a vile, anti-abortion judge. Your night can go well.

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Cheers Pink Ears!

What has everyone been up to foodwise? I made ricotta gnocchi. Not from a recipe, I had some ricotta to use up, so I said to myself, Imma wing it! They came out pretty good! With chives, sage, and oregano, the herbs still growing in the garden. Probably could have used a little more salt.

I also started some preserved lemons, which has plenty of salt. I thought they looked very pretty in the jar.

Don't worry, the liquid does cover all the lemons. Once they're ready I'll use them in tagine, and blend them with some garlic, olive oil, and a bit of crushed hot pepper, it's such a great condiment. I was also planning to make an orange pickled ginger condiment that I just didn't get to it.