Joe Biden Has Finally Chosen... An Old Car

Illustration for article titled Joe Biden Has Finally Chosen... An Old Car
Image: Bill Pugliano (Getty Images)

Vroom, vroom. Remember when Donald Trump showed America that he’s a big strong boy who likes big trucks? Well, not to be outdone, Joe Biden is also a human male who also knows how to drive an automobile, both of which are apparently important to voters!


And to give us a little sneaky peek into how he’s “vetting” his lady running mate, Biden chose to give us a look at how he handles a classic Corvette. Vette/Vetting. Get it? And handling a car is just like handling a lady, according to a joke from a Mad Men episode, probably (I’ve never seen Mad Men and hate driving and have never actually met a man). Anyway, smooth, Joe. Real smooth.


As someone much younger than Joe, but much older than you, I am impressed he can still drive a Corvette. Is it silly? Sure, but it’s very hard to imagine Trump even fitting in a Corvette, much less driving one, especially one with a manual transmission.