Watch the Horror of Brits Finding Out How Much American Healthcare Costs

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The Brits have an important election coming up, and the future of the NHS is at stake. Fears of healthcare privatization under continued conservative rule has dominated the election narrative in the UK, with the Labour Party warning that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be more than happy to cozy up to President Trump on trade deals that could put the NHS at risk.


And what better way to disseminate the evils of privatized healthcare than to quiz Brits on their knowledge of the United State’s dysfunctional privatized healthcare system. Watch the looks of abject horror on these people’s faces when they find out just how much it can cost to call an ambulance.

Attorney General William Barr continues to be a massive drama queen. He is none too pleased that the Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has concluded that the FBI was, in fact, justified in opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential links to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Horowitz is set to release his findings next week, but Barr is reportedly very fucking pressed about it. Naturally, Trump’s happiness supersedes everything else, so, go figure. And the beef between the White House and the intelligence community lives on! [Washington Post]

  • Maybe finding out that Michael Bloomberg surged ahead of her in national polls was the straw that broke Kamala Harris’s back because yikes. [Daily Mail]
  • I’m glad we have a normal election system in which Tom Steyer is going to be on the next debate stage. Wouldn’t he be more useful using his mountains of money funding Democrats who actually stand a chance of winning their seats? [Politico]
  • According to the UN, the next decade is going to be really fucking hot. Like, really fucking hot. [Los Angeles Times]
  • And on that note, here’s Trump talking about climate change as if you just have to get rid of a few Captain Planet villains to fix it.

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I just had a sadly hilarious back and forth with an English friend of mine on Instagram about the cost of healthcare in the US. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and told her that not only did I pay a $7,000 flat fee for my OB GYN (includes delivery and ultrasound costs etc) that I’ll get some mysterious amount back for, but I went and got the billing codes from his office manager, and am planning to call my insurance company to find out if I can get a rough estimate on how much the actual birth will cost me. Will it be $2,500? Will it be $5,000? More? What if there’s a NICU situation? What if I need to stay extra nights because something is wrong? I want to run through all possible scenarios, so I can start saving NOW. I mean, I’m also saving for the 12 weeks of UNPAID maternity leave I’ll WHOOP DE FUCKING DOO FUCK YOU AMERICA.

(Oh and my British friend couldn’t even fathom any of this. It’s not even comprehensible to her.)