What Did Baby Mike Pence Wish For?

In honor of “good guy” Vice President Mike Pence’s birthday, his wife Karen “Mother” Pence shared an ancient baby photo of him for her 449,000 Twitter followers.


“Happy 60th birthday to my husband, @VP!” she wrote. “May all your wishes come true! 🎂🎈🎉”

While it’s a little icky to refer to a childhood photo as your adult husband on the internet (‘Look at this adorable baby that I now fuck,’ it seems to say) it’s a brand of weird that’s on brand for “Mother” Pence.  

But what did baby Pence wish for? If it was triggering an HIV outbreak or undermining women’s constitutional rights, he and his fellow fundamentalists are well on their way. It looks like some wishes do come true

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.


I have posted my husband’s toddler pic! He was on a horse and in a completely gaudy red cowboy outfit, complete with rhinestones. What’s not to love?