Joe Biden Still A Maybe on The Presidential Bid, but Kirsten Gillibrand Is a Hard Yes

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Joe Biden is that friend who RSVPs maybe to an event invite and then keeps spamming the group with with messages about how he’ll try to swing by or hopes he can pop in, ostensibly just so someone will reply “We’ll miss you! Hope you can make it!”

On March 16 at a fundraising dinner for the Delaware Democrats, Biden said he was running and just as quickly said changed that yes to a maybe, prompting the crowd to cheer the equivalent of “Come on Joe! It won’t be a party without you:”

“I know I get criticized. I’m told I get criticized by the new left,” Biden said “I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the — anybody who would run. I didn’t mean…Of anybody who would run.”


At another point in the night Sen. Thomas R. Carper called him “President Biden.”

Meanwhile, Kirsten Gillibrand has doubled down on her RSVP, releasing a campaign video over the weekend that asks “Will brave win?” The video touches on some of Gillibrand’s potential platforms, including universal health care, paid family leave, and support for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

Last week, Biden told a group of firefighters clamoring for a third bid for the White House: “Be careful what you wish for…I appreciate the energy you showed when I got up here. Save it a little longer. I might need it in a few weeks.”


Look for him to change that maybe to a yes any day now. Meanwhile, Gillibrand’s official announcement makes her one of the 248,000 confirmed attendees in what is sure to be a party so loud it’s impossible to hear any one conversation.

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Pumpkin Andy is Orange

Two years ago I went to a dinner where Joe Biden was the speaker. I asked my usually late friend to pick me up so that we would get there for cocktail hour, because I was hoping to get a picture with him. She said that the Secret Service would never let that happen. My friend was super late, we missed cocktails completely, and got there right after salad was served. As we sat down, the rest of the people at our table grabbed their phones and said “Look at the selfie of me and Joe Biden.” He took a picture with every single person there. Except us.