A Christmas Tour With Mother

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Karen Pence, the Pence family bee keeper, is showing off the official vice president residence and its T.J. Maxx-inspired holiday decorations. (No offense to T.J. Maxx, a truly great store.)

“The theme this year is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’” Pence told the Associated Press, which is really not a “theme” rather than just normal Christmas decorations.

Apparently Mike Pence subjects his children to a reading of the poem every year, “even though they’re adults now and the gang includes a daughter-in-law.” Karen Pence took AP reporters on a tour through the house, which includes Santa Claus holding a “nice list” that very noticeably does not include any of the Pences (except daughter Charlotte Pence or another Charlotte, possibly). It does include two names “Cora” and “Adora,” which sounds like whoever made this list was just really riffing.

Illustration for article titled A Christmas Tour With Mother
Screenshot: AP

Are Mike and mother on the naughty list?

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