Conservative Writer Listens to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speak, Maybe Wants to Become Socialist

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Virginia Kruta, an associate editor at the conservative rag The Daily Caller, recently attended a St. Louis rally where she heard Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stump for progressive congressional candidate Cori Bush and was...inspired?


In her piece for The Daily Caller, which I refuse to link to because it’s The Daily Caller and they deserve no clicks, Kruta wrote of the looming socialist utopia: “I saw how easy it would be, as a parent, to accept the idea that my children deserve healthcare and education. I saw how easy it would be, as someone who has struggled to make ends meet, to accept the idea that a ‘living wage’ was a human right. Above all, I saw how easy it would be to accept the notion that it was the government’s job to make sure that those things were provided.”

I... agree?

She then continued to make a strong argument for much of Ocasio-Cortez and Bush’s respective platforms during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday morning: “And, they say things—I mean, they talk about things that everybody wants, especially, like, if you’re a parent. They talk about education for your kids, healthcare for your kids, the things that you want, and, if you are not really paying attention to how they’re going to pay for it or the rest of that, it’s easy to fall into that trap and say, ‘My kids deserve this, and, well, maybe the government should be responsible for helping me with that.’”



Virginia, you can resolve this internal conflict. I promise you there is a way!

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I hate the myth of rugged individualism because it makes people selfish and think people who are struggling are not trying hard enough. Not everyone has the same access to resources. Some places are closed to people. Honestly, working hard does not always mean you’re going to become a “success.”