Melania Trump Wears Unremarkable Outfit to Second Superficial Border Visit

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Melania doesn’t care. And on her second visit to the southern border in the past week, where she fatuously posed and spoke sentences among people traumatized by her monstrous husband’s “zero tolerance” policy (plus some border cops), she paired a black top with white slacks.

Black and white. Like the world appears to her? In no uncertain terms? What colors does will-to-power come in? What does it matter when the administration’s intentions are naked? Oh, and technically, they’re palazzo pants, and in the 90-degree Arizona heat it was far too warm for a jacket.

Last week, of course, Melania famously wore a $39 jacket from Zara with a message on the back that read “I really don’t care, do u?” en route to meet with migrant children detained at the Upbring New Hope Children’s Center in Texas. She told the children to “work hard, study hard.”


On Thursday, the first lady met with officials at a Border Patrol office in Tucson, Arizona and toured a Department of Homeland Security facility in Phoenix, where some migrant children who have been forcibly separated from their families are being kept, the New York Times reports. Melania told the officials in Tucson that she was thankful “for all your hard work that you do.”

In its report on Thursday’s visit, InStyle finds that though it “doesn’t condone her insensitive parka pick” they do “miss her bolder sartorial choices.” USA Today referenced “last week’s embarrassing jacket hullabaloo.” If you think she’s embarrassed then…did you read the jacket?

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