Rudy Giuliani: 'I'm Not Going to Get Fired!'

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Following what can only be described as a stellar appearance on Hannity that I am sure he won’t regret, Rudy Giuliani, the most recent addition to Donald Trump’s crack legal team, sat down for a chat with the Washington Post.


When asked about his revelation that Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for the $130,000 in hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, and whether or not he was in trouble for it, the former mayor of New York City said the following immortal words: “I’m not going to get fired.”

Will Giuliani not get fired? This is a developing story. Watch this space for updates!

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the whole episode was so bonkers, with his focus on the campaign funds.

its as though someone accused you of stealing explosives and blowing up an orphanage, and you insisting the explosives weren’t stolen.

i can’t understand how these nincompoops are running the country.