Wendy Williams Tells You Where to Go If You're Feeling Bad for Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Some people think Michelle Wolf’s set at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner went too far when she dared to mention that Sarah Huckabee Sanders regularly puts on a smokey eye. This is a tough one!


On her show Monday morning, Wendy Williams took a survey of her “co-hosts,” the audience, and asked them to clap if they thought Wolf was out of line for her remarks. A burst of applause erupted and the camera panned over to two blonde Sanders supporters in the center. They’re surrounded on all sides by people who seem to have their hands welded to their laps.

“Well, you’re at the wrong show, Rachel Ray is downstairs,” Williams said. “I will call the elevator for you right now.”

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Oh god, I hate it when I agree with Wendy Williams.

But shes right.