Miranda's Latest Storyline Involves Another Bad Man (Andrew Cuomo)

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Here’s the best plotline the writers of Sex and the City never came up with—Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is running for governor of the state of New York!!!


Nixon announced her run via a very moving and well-produced video with the sort of gravitas most politicians try for but don’t often achieve. “New York is my home,” she says as she ruffles the hair of a small ginger child. “I’ve never lived anywhere else.”

Rumors of Nixon’s potential run have been bandied about this month, but what’s been suspected all along finally came true. Her campaign website lays out plainly the reasons why she chose to run in the first place: mainly because Andrew Cuomo has been bad for the state of New York and she wants to do something about it. There’s also a section on her website, #CuomosMTA, which specifically addresses the disaster that is New York mass transit and what she’d do to fix it.

If the first half of Nixon’s beautifully-lit, New York fantasia doesn’t win you over, perhaps her focus on fixing the subways and tending to the 50 percent of children in upstate New York who are living below the poverty line will. There she is, riding the subway! Look, she’s on Metro-North, heading for destinations unknown—Poughkeepsie? Peekskill? Croton-on-Harmon? Go to Buffalo, Cynthia! Don’t forget about Hamilton! Address the people of Cheektowaga. Make it better! Fix it!

“I love New York,” she continues, in case you weren’t sure how she felt. “I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else. But something has to change.”

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New York, when it elected Cuomo in 2010:

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