Exclusive: Lincoln Chafee Flaunts Blue Fleece Vest on Date Night in Rhode Island

Photo via tipster. GIF by Bobby Finger.

Incredible: a rare, extraordinary bird of paradise was discovered dining out in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and thanks to one intrepid Jezebel reader, we’ve obtained an exclusive photo.


It’s a thrill to see Lincoln Chafee, former Democratic primary candidate and metric system advocate, gently clutching a martini with his wife. A representative from Siena Restaurant, a popular northern Italian spot in the area, has confirmed that Chafee and his wife ate dinner there on Tuesday evening.

According to the eyewitness, his vest was fleece:

He was wearing a blue fleece vest and enjoying a martini.

Chafee was last seen voicing opposition to a power plant proposal in Burillville, Rhode Island; before that, he was found criticizing the “mainstream media” for being too hard on Donald Trump, and telling Russian state-sponsored media outlet RT that he supports a potential thaw between Russia and the United States.


Before that, he was found telling Esquire that he wish he’d stuck up to Anderson Cooper better during the Democratic primary debate: “If I had to do it over again I would’ve engaged more and said, ‘I didn’t come here to debate five people, I came to debate these four people!’” he said. And before that, he was found, after a long search, in Brazil.

Drink up, my sweet Huon astrapia, for summer has come.

UPDATE: Lincoln Chafee responded to my Facebook message:

Yes, Ellie. Stephanie and I had a wonderful dinner there Tuesday

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He strikes me as the type of person who regularly wears pants that zip off into shorts, but never zips off the bottom part because it’s always just a little too brisk out.