America Is Getting the Trump-Inspired Dating Show It Desperately Doesn't Want

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Close your eyes. Picture the least sexy thing you can. It’s a sunburnt puckered asshole, isn’t it? Now zoom out. Further. Gaping pores. A turkey’s wattle. A nest of pissed-upon hay. There it is: Trump’s head.

In the mood to do it? Me neither. But David Goss, the CEO of the dating website, which allows people who are into that imagery to meet, thinks enough Americans might be that he’s teamed up with indie production company Boxx Communications to develop a Trump-inspired reality dating series. (Boxx seems to offer a variety of technical production services.)

Advertisement has 37,500 active users, a jump from 12,000 in December, and with a simple search will offer you hundreds of blurry photos of women and men looking to find love in a time of Trump.

“We are excited with the new development of making a show to showcase the polarity of the dating world with today’s divisiveness and see if people with opposing views can have a loving and meaningful relationship,” Goss said to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I started because of the divide in our country, and as this divide grows even further every day, we want to see if we can help bring people back together.”

And truly, if I could invent the name of an organization to bridge the political culture war, one that exudes at once romance and tolerance, and gentleness and understanding, would be it.

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