Kellyanne Conway Accuses Teenager of Asking Question About Sexual Assault to 'Make News'

Photo: AP
Photo: AP

In news shocking only in that it took so long for it to happen, Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway dressed down a 17-year-old high school student in front of a room of reporters. The teen, you see, dared to ask her a question during a Q&A.


According to reporters on the scene, the teen, who is the daughter of Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn, asked Conway a question which, frankly, is probably on a lot of people’s minds: as a woman, how does she reconcile working for a man who has made such vile comments?

The answer, judging from Conway’s response, is simply to be just as, if not more, vile.

(For the record, here is what Conway does find sexist—an MSNBC report indicating Trump was displeased with her comments about Mitt Romney.) Yes, something here is unfortunate, but it’s not the teen.

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That is a very good question that would make an honest woman feel shame. But not Kellyanne, the plucky, gaslighting fascist traitor to her gender. She turns around and shames a teenager for asking it.

She’s literally shameless.