Samantha Bee Reminds Us How Hillary Rodham Became Mrs. Bill Clinton

“This is supposed to be our moment,” says Sam Bee, adding that none of us have been able to savor the experience of voting for our first woman president in all the “mortal terror” of a potential Trump presidency. She also suggests that we’ve felt reluctance because Clinton comes across as a “fake politician robot.” But who made her that way?

In a segment from Monday night’s episode of Full Frontal, Bee tracks Hillary’s career from when she was Hillary Rodham, inspiring her fellow graduates at Wellesley as the first student to ever give a commencement speech at the university, through her transformation into Mrs. Bill Clinton. Hillary’s relationship with Bill and the public’s reception of a politician’s wife who kept her maiden name, is well recorded in interview after interview.

Having failed the D.C. bar exam after passing in Arkansas, Hillary Clinton took her test scores as a sign that she should follow and support Bill, which she did to her own detriment. She cut her hair, changed her look and announced to the press, “I’ll forever be known as Hillary Rodham Clinton.”


But Sam Bee doesn’t blame Clinton for taking that path, explaining, “If I were Hillary I would have dumped America by now. But she’s terrible at knowing when to leave a relationship. My point is, Hillary Clinton has spent the last forty years learning to mask her authenticity.”

She added, “If you can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary Clinton, I get it. I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton either. I’m voting for Hillary ‘god-damn-brilliant-bad-ass-queen-Beyoncé’ Rodham. I have a hunch she’s still in there.”

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I love that we are finally understanding who she is and what she has been through.

This was sorely missing during the Democratic primary.