Your Dad Tim Kaine Nervously Played Harmonica to 'Wagon Wheel' Last Night

Screenshot via Twitter/@Betsy_Klein
Screenshot via Twitter/@Betsy_Klein

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s determinedly inoffensive (except, you know) running mate, had a big ole’ time wailing on the harmonica with a bluegrass band at Catawba Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday night.

Like an eager dad resolved to bond with you even if it costs him some friggin’ dignity, Kaine—who has told CNN that he has “six harmonicas in my briefcase at all times”—performed “Wagon Wheel” and “My Home’s Across the Blue Ridge Mountains” with musicians Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp. Politico reports that Kaine’s wife Anne Holton, your mom, “clogged to the side of the stage” during the second performance.


“That felt great,” Kaine told CNN after his performance. “Nothing makes me more nervous than doing that. But it’s good to get our of your comfort zone.”

Go get ‘em, Pop!

UPDATE: I somehow missed this video of Anne clogging:

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We aren’t talking nearly enough about Anne Holton.

a) Look at that get-up. ADORBS.

b) She’s awesome