Soon-to-be two-time grandma MVP and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has posted a list to her campaign site entitled “7 Ways Hillary Clinton is Just Like Your Abuela.” Apparently targeted towards Latinas (y’know, because “abuela” means “grandma” in Spanish), the #totally #shareable list of .gifs talked a lot about La Hillary knowing so much about the value of #respeto, and also showed off a photo of her with Marc Anthony, who everyone knows abuelas love.

At first, I felt offended, and not just because of the vapid and confusing overuse of .gifs as content. Hillary Clinton is smart and has certainly earned my #respeto—I might even vote for her!—but like, girl, you don’t know my life.

But then I thought more carefully about Hillary Clinton’s background and really, truly, there are a lot of similarities between her experience growing up in Chicago and the life of my own abuela, Guadalupe Gomez Escobedo (RIP), of Léon, Guanajato, México and, later, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

7 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Just Like My Abuela!!!

by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

1. She emigrated to the USA across the Rio Grande to escape a brutal war...


2. Her husband (My Abuelo!) died early from a freakish disease...

3. She raised 11 children almost entirely on her own...


4. She earned a living by selling tortillas off her porch...

5. She was extremely smart, but never learned to read or write...


6. Religious faith was important to her...

7. She was #BAE!


Just two grandmas, doin’ the same shit!

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Top: Guadalupe Gomez Escobedo image by unknown. Hillary Clinton image via Getty. John & Chrissy image via Getty. Raven Symone image via screenshot. Fabletics photo via screenshot. The Voice image via NBC. Kim/Kris image via Instagram. Adele image via screenshot.


All .gifs via Bobby Finger