Hillary Clinton Condemns Liberty University President's Call to 'End Those Muslims'

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On a Sunday appearance on ABC News, Hillary Clinton condemned the president of Liberty University who earlier this week encouraged students to arm themselves and “end those Muslims.”


In an address to students following the San Bernardino attacks, Jerry Falwell, Jr. encouraged students at the influential evangelical university to get concealed weapons permits. “We offer a free course,” Falwell added. “Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever show up here.”

This morning, Clinton called those comments “deplorable.” The Democratic primary candidate added:

“This is...not only hateful response to a legitimate security issue, but it is giving aid and comfort to Isis and other radical jihadists.

With respect to the gun issue, it’s legal to buy a gun in America. If you are eligible to buy a gun, you can go buy a gun – and hundreds of thousands of people apparently are in the aftermath of what happened in San Bernardino.”


On Friday, Falwell confirmed that he was a proud holder of a concealed weapons permit; he began carrying a .25 in his “back pocket” after the California shooting (he offered to “pull it out” during his address). He also added that his literal call to arms had been successful, saying that more than 100 members of the Liberty community had inquired about the weapons permit course offered by the university. Seems like a strange use of university resources.

Clinton was not the only politician to condemn Falwell’s inflammatory rhetoric. On Saturday, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe called the comments “reckless.” Falwell later clarified that he didn’t mean all Muslims as there are “many good Muslims.”

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Kenny and the Llamas

Falwell’s comments are just a perfect encapsulation of how these idiots think. The racism, of course, but also the action hero fantasy bullshit that they tell themselves.

This is a dude who was never in the military, never in law enforcement, probably never been closer to a firefight than a really mean towel-snapping contest in the locker room at the club. And he thinks he’s going to pull out an itty bitty .25 popgun and take on two shooters with assault rifles and body armor.

You’d have been under a table crying, Jerry. The only lesson you’d have taught them was the one they already knew: Gun nuts are cowards.