Hey, GMA Host Lara Spencer, Why Are You Sitting On Donald Trump's Lap?

Illustration for article titled Hey, iGMA/i Host Lara Spencer, Why Are You Sitting On Donald Trumps Lap?

Good Morning America host Lara Spencer posted a picture on Instagram of her sitting on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s lap while they both grin happily.

The post was caught by a CNN reporter and includes the caption: “Can’t beat having the REAL DonaldJTrump on #goodmorningamerica. :).”


The comments on the post range from disgust that she’s willingly engaging in physical contact with Donald Trump, to valid claims about how unprofessional this looks. Update: Spencer has changed the caption on the photo; it now reads “Let’s clear this up – I’m standing next to Donald Trump. Said a quick hello and welcomed him to the GMA studio for first time since he announced his candidacy.”

ABC News isn’t scheduled to host a Republican debate until February 6, 2016, but I guess this is one way keep Donald Trump happy until then.

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Far be it from me to tell a woman (anybody) how to use their body but as a professional, and presumably educated person, she must understand the optics of this. It feeds into the constructed alpha male his idiot base loves - Men should have respect for him for no reason and women should just be happy to be in his presence.

I don’t wan’t to judge but this makes me feel queasy...