Mike Huckabee Wants to Work in a Strip Club Called Washington, I Guess

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Mike Huckabee has a new ad. (In related and probably somewhat surprising news for most of the country, Mike Huckabee is still running for president, polling at around 6 percent.) In an exceedingly strained metaphor, the ad compares Washington D.C. to a strip club of some kind:

“Washington: It’s a strip club,” growls a narrator. “The political class dances for the donor class, and the working class gets stuck with the tab.”

“Americans are tired of it,” Huckabee chimes in, over an image of him driving presidentially in a suburb somewhere, presumably nowhere near a strip club. “They’re tired of corrupt Washington elites. Let’s burn down the Washington political machine and rebuild this country. No more leading from behind. No more losing. It’s time for America to win again.”


“Leading from behind,” strip clubs, and Mike Huckabee: creating an indelible mental image you’ll never be able to escape. Sorry.

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Huckabee at the Values Voters Summit, September 25, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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MessO'Espresso is a noodle-bodied sloth

“Washington: It’s a strip club,”

So that’s why drinks here are overpriced!

P.S. Not surprising that Anytown, USA in Fuckabee’s world only has white people.